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SUNY Lecturers at MSU

Short-term lecturing by State University Faculty Members at Moscow State University

In response to requests by Prof. Kolesov and other MSU Deans for assistance in teaching new curricula, the SUNY Center on Russia and the United States will identify State University faculty members who are willing to spend at least two weeks at Moscow State University lecturing on a particular study unit in that new curriculum. These faculty members will be nominated in close coordination with you and the appropriate Dean. We need to know from you which Deans are interested in hosting the SUNY faculty members and on what topic or theme they would like the SUNY professor to prepare lectures.

  1. The Short-term Lecturing Program takes place under the following conditions:
  2. SUNY provides international travel for these State University faculty members
  3. MSU will provide lodging and some per diem for their stay at Moscow State University.

SUNY will identify at least three State University faculty members for such teaching assignments for spring semester 2001.

From time to time there will undoubtedly be a State University faculty member who is already traveling to Moscow for some other purpose who might be willing to visit Moscow State University and to lecture on a subject that may be of interest. The Center will provides advance notice of such visits as so that MSU can decide whether or not to host such a visit. One such visit was that of Prof. Tulin Sener from SUNY New Paltz campus last spring.

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