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SUNY Professional Fellows Program

This new program makes it possible for five relatively junior faculty members from Moscow State University each to spend two months resident on a State University campus during the 2000/2001 academic year under the following conditions:

  1. Each faculty member will receive a $1500 stipend for this two-month period.
  2. Housing will be provided them either by the host campus or by the Center, depending upon their field and the amount of advance notice we get.
  3. There is the possibility of offering/teaching an adjunct course, depending on fluency in English and course topic. If they are able to teach a course they will earn additional money during their visits. As you will understand, for them to be able to teach a course we will need advance notice of who is to come and what they might teach so that we can advertise the course for student enrollment.
  4. The nominees must be fluent enough in English to understand what is going on around them without the need for simultaneous translation. They need to be really fluent if they want to teach an adjunct course, and give public lectures.
  5. We hope the MSU nominees will be interested in distance learning since we can probably find a way to work them into the training we will be doing with the SUNY Learning Network staff while they are here in the second semester of this academic year.
  6. This program is not part of the original MSU/SUNY but a new enhancement. We cannot provide international travel expenses for these new faculty exchanges. SUNY will cover the in-state travel for your participants in this program. This means that their return travel expenses between New York City and their SUNY campus will be provided by the SUNY Center.
  7. The deadline for nomination of candidates for these five teaching and residence opportunities is mid-October. We request that you nominate at least six candidates, in case one has to drop out.

A new dimension to the Fellowship Program is under development. The SUNY Center is working with Empire State Development to arrange for the Fellows, while they are in New York State, appropriate internships and/or consultations with area businesses, such as banks, hi-tech firms, or environmental engineering agencies, This is an exceptional opportunity for the Fellows that will enhance their program here as well as provide a vehicle for further cooperation between New York State and Russian businesses.

It is understood that the Professional Fellows will be resident on State University campuses for the duration of their fellowship. Residence does not mean that they will be prevented from visiting other U.S. universities but their principal responsibility will be on our campuses. We will also endeavor to have the Professional Fellows visit State University campuses other than the one that will be hosting them. Our hope is that these professors from Moscow State University will find students on our campuses whom they will want to invite to Moscow to study with them. Our aim is to strengthen the MSU/SUNY relationship through this increased faculty contact.

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